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Private Individual Learning One to One, Private Workshops & Retreats

Personal Learning

Get in touch with your own energetics. Understand how to remove blocks, clear your field and strengthen energetically.

One to One Consultations and Private Study Courses London.

Workshops & Retreats

Intensive workshops and lush retreats to build your knowledge, boost your spirit, advance your skills and make you feel great.

Workshops London.

3 & 5 Day Retreats to Order for your Group.



UK tel:     0203 642 0872

int tel:  00442036420872


Five Rings Training

Energy at Work

Manage the workplace. Work with colleagues energetically, know how your energy affects you & them. Feel better everyday.

One to One Consultations London.

Workshops & Consulting for your Workplace.

Energy for Sport &


The importance of energetic understanding for your training, body health, strength and performance.

One to One Consultations London.

Team Coaching & Trainer Courses on request.

Energy In Relationships

Understand your partner's energy. Be aware of how you are affecting them and their influence on you. Rebalance your relationship.

Personalised Consultations and Private Group Workshops.

Energy for Health

Clear your system, remove stress, learn how to create positive energy, eat energetically, exercise for energetic health.


Personalised Consultations, One to One Courses and Private Group Workshops.

Book Learning

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