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Knowing Your Power

Understand your positive aspects & learn how to manage your emotions. Understand how your energy is affecting you and others. Private Consultations, Workshops and Retreats. See our Popular Courses page for more...


Back to Nature

Ground, centre & rebalance. Find your natural rhythm. Back to basics...Keep an eye on twitter and this site for upcoming Retreats with our partner companies & providers where we'll be teaching Energetics.

Finding Balance

Spinning plates? Learn how to bring your world and you into perfect balance. Every aspect of life addressed together! Contact us for brilliant personal learning journeys and programmes. A feast for the soul!

Keeping Safe

Our School of Self Defence is in Tatler this month! Come join in too, check out the training available at Personal Safety London and get our Defence Team to skill you up. Specialist training beyond the norm!

Gloves Off

Learn energetics whilst you train body and mind. See what our School of Martial Arts has going on at our main website. Embark on a journey of transformation and eastern philosophy for body, mind, energy & soul.

Start Up & Branch Out

Want to escape the daily grind? Got a great idea or talent? Pave your way from Career to Path whilst we help you unblock your energy so you can take flight!



UK tel:     0203 642 0872

int tel:  00442036420872


Five Rings Training

What's Coming Up

> Nutrition & Food Energetics

> Autism Home Training Packs

> More on Total System Training

> Travel Your World Safely

> Mind Body Energetics

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